Hair Products

Advice from our resident hairdresser Jacob

From my interview with Jacob, I have some very important information for people trying to deal with unruly hair.

Getting your hair to de-frizz when you are getting ready for work or trying to stop it from falling out in handfuls on your hairbrush can be upsetting but it is fixable.
Organic Hair Products

As it turns out we cause a lot of the hair destruction ourselves with bad hair care. Although we often hear about organic products we can be reluctant to purchase them because of the expense comes with it. If we knew for sure that using organic products really did make a difference then maybe we would be more willing to pay that extra dollar.

In cheaper hair products chemicals are used as a synthetic replacement of more natural ingredients that can have a more positive effect on your hair. These synthetic ingredients can be responsible for removing the protein, moisture and keratin from our hair. As a result, the surface of the hair becomes course and damaged.

Through a microscope this looks like the difference between a fresh fruit and decomposing fruit. This may sound dramatic but that is how bad it gets.
Here are some images of a cross section of a hair.The first image shows a hair that has been enriched by the use of good hair products and then in contrast we see the image of a hair that has been damaged by products that have been too harsh on the hair.

Healthy Hair

Damaged Hair

Healthy Hair                Damaged Hair

As with foods, you can read the ingredients in a hair-care product. Natural ingredients are best; mud, plant extracts and herbs can do wonders in repairing your hair. When your hair has been through a lot of heavy treatment with straighteners and colouring you can have quite a job on your hands in regaining healthy hair.

This best way to deal with this is to go through a treatment (usually done at a hair dressing salon, but it can be done at home) with a mask that helps the hair to become healthy and shiny again. This is not something that you would need to do continuously but once it is done you can keep your hair balanced by using quality products.

If you want the products to work at their optimum best you should ideally allow the time indicated on the directions so that it has the time it needs to penetrate the hair and do its magic. Jacob believes that through correct use of quality shampoos, conditioners and treatments you can revive your hair to its very best.

This does not mean using it more than you should either. If you have normal hair, even washing it once a week is fine; for coloured hair twice a week; for dry and damaged hair, three times a week.

Jacob’s favourite brands:

•    AVEDA

Purchasing Quality Products

According to Jacob, these are the best brands offering quality and reliability. Unfortunately the best versions of any of these products are not available to the general public.

These products come in various degrees of good. The options available to us at the supermarket have the lowest quality of these good brands. The second, intermediate level is when we purchase our hair care products from our hairdresser’s salon.

Here we have a slightly more expensive product that does a much deeper job on your hair.

Then you have the top level of these brands, this is the professional product. This is what the hairdressing salons use. They are not usually available for retail sale as they are sold to hairdressing operators within the industry.

It is a bit sad that even if you are prepared to pay for the best it is not available to us but the good news is that when we do get to use it, it is within the hands of the professionals who know how to use it best and gain maximum results.

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