The Merchant And The Knight

There once was a merchant who sold many interesting trinkets of great value. The things that he sold were wildly unusual and of particular beauty. People would come from far and wide to buy these small intricate treasures from his market stall.

Once when asked from where he acquired such items the merchant replied, “The things I sell I simply happen upon in my world of dreams. From then on they are mine to own and to do with whatever I please.”

One day a passer by with a bad hunchback stopped upon the merchant. “Merchant,” he said, “I would like to buy every item that you have on your stall.”

The merchant was taken aback and set a price that was three times higher than they would normally cost. Still, the stranger agreed and paid the asked price and so the greedy merchant went home early. “What do I care? After all I can begin to fill my stall again from tonight when I go to sleep and within…

The Merchant and The Knight is now an additional short story featured in the ‘Dreamer’s Garden Family Poems ebook available at

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