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Perfect Campers Tactical Flashlight

Don’t ask me what is so intriguing about having a great flashlight, but somehow I feel that a reliable flashlight such as the AKAHO Flashlight, has the capability of being a real lifesaver.

Not Quite A Lightsaber

Lifesaber or not, you’ve got to admit that a super-powerful flashlight that has an endless supply of battery life and a variety of strength options is pretty cool. If I knew anyone who went camping, it would definitely be on the top of my gift list for them.


akaho LED Tactical super flashlightflashlight-2

LED Tactical Flashlight,Akaho 900 Lumen XML T6 Portable Outdoor Water Resistant Torch with Adjustable Focus and 5 Light Modes,Rechargeable 18650 Lithium Ion Battery and Charger

Buy Your Own

Get Your Own Flashlight Only: $21.99 USD

This particular item is called the AKAHO STRUCTURE ANALYSIS (must mean something else in another language!) Flashlight. The zoomable focal design can create incredible distances. These days having a flashlight in your car or handbag is a smart idea. This one even has an SOS signal code ready at the flick of a button.

This camper’s tactical flashlight includes some great benefits.

Imagine being caught out, just needing to get to your car in the night after work. This light is so bright that you would be able to view your surroundings before heading out into the dark. Incidentally, this is not a torch that you would shine into someone’s face because it is so bright. But in the case of an emergency, as an escape tactic, it would create a strong blinding light to a predator.

This power of this light is described as a Super Bright Professional Grade Tactical LED Flashlight, which really is as powerful as the description suggests. This is what you really need when you are out camping or hiking. Having a strong dependable light with you is essential for your own safety.

The kit that it comes with includes a Lithium Ion battery and battery charger. The whole thing is packed away in a strong durable case that also serves as a presentable gift box.

The fact that it is waterproof means that if you were on an outdoors excursion, you would not have to worry about the rain. Though I have not tried it myself, I have seen that by waterproof, they really do mean Waterproof, not just splashproof.

Super Flashlight Functionality

The 5 modes of lighting include different levels of strength of light, as well as Strobe and a setting as an SOS signal (let’s hope there’s still someone around who knows morse code!)

So there you have it, your perfect tactical flashlight for camping, hiking or even just for finding your pet in the night-time.

Great for gifts under $25 USD, maybe it should be on your Kris Kringle gift list from now…


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