Goal Setting

Goal-Setting is a serious matter, that is the sole reason why we set a goal in the first place. But it doesn’t even come near fruition if you don’t do it right.

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To ensure that you reach your target, you need to take it further than the regular goal-setting plan. This has depth behind it. It has a passion, a need and a purpose.

Purpose Is Greater Than The Goal

Your goal is important, but not as important as the reason that you have set your goal. There is a drive in knowing your purpose that does not reach the same target if you have no purpose driving you forward.

Being strong and resistant to set-backs comes from purpose, it is the point where you see the barrier in your way and you find yourself with two choices.

Choice a)
See if you can find somebody who can help you through the situation.

Choice b)
Look for a hammer and smash it to smithereens.

At first glance, it looks like both answers could give you the same result but that is not so. The person who has simply set a goal is likely to go with the first choice.

In their mind, they will be thinking. “I will still do it, I just need some help to find a way around the problem, then I will be on my way again.”

In reality, choice a) means,

“I will have to stop for now because I can see that there is a problem that I cannot cope with. Hopefully, I will find somebody who can break through that barrier for me and then I will be able to continue. If by chance do happen to find that person who can help me, I will be no worse for having waited, expect that time will play a part in my final result.


note on time2


So as we see, the commitment is easily broken with the ‘choice a)’ mind frame. Whereas the person who has set his goal in relation to their PURPOSE would go with ‘choice b’.

In reality, ‘choice b)’ means,

There is no waiting. No stopping. No excuses for not finding someone to help.

In ‘choice b)’, the responsibility is taken onto themselves. They don’t blame the circumstances, the world or the lack of resources around them.

Their sole intention is to let NOTHING stop them and that is because it is imperative to them that nothing does stop them from reaching their purpose.

Purpose is the only thing that they see

For the person who moves forward through ‘choice b)’, they have not stopped for long and they will very soon be on their way again. The only extra time used would be that of taking action so that they can continue to move forward.

Their purpose is always in their sights. Their timeline is not disrupted and they can expect (with a fair amount of certainty) that their purpose will be fulfilled.

What’s more, any people or colleagues that are involved in that purpose can also feel assured in knowing they will see results that will affect their part in the bigger plan.


This article was written by Eva Zonnios, Business Coach and

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