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Hi, my name is Eva Zonnios and I am your new business coach…

But be warned, I’m not your regular business coach. I have been working in marketing for 20 years, I have studied under the best mentors in their specific niches, such as:

  • Jon Morrow – Founder of Copy Blogger
  • Nick Stephenson – Expert in creating Amazon Best Sellers
  • Frank Kern – Webinars that sell
  • And Ted McGrath – World renowned in Consulting and Coaching

(Be my guest, look them up, they are all top in their fields.)

My business knowledge is just what you need to boost your sales!

I have ranked businesses on page one of Google, written books that have hit No2 in Amazon Best Sellers lists, had five-star rated books featured on GoodReads.com and written guest blogs on websites with a readership of 80,000 subscribers. (Wouldn’t you like to get in front of that many people in your target audience?)

What I Can Do For You

I have created a product called the Business Bonanza Blueprint which is a structured and guided course, designed to help small businesses and entrepreneurs focus in on their goal and reach it within a set time frame.

Why would you need me to achieve your goals?

Quite simply, you are busy in running your business and in doing the things that people expect from you when they require your services. Doing marketing may not be your speciality, but it is mine.

A business that spends money on marketing, makes more money because they acquire more new leads.

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If 50% of your business is not marketing, it should be. That’s how a business keeps the engine going.

I have experience in business and in marketing and I am up with the current trends in digital marketing and sales methods.

But hey, that’s not the reason you should hire me…

You should hire me because I can help your business grow faster and through a structured and methodic plan. How would it feel to you just knowing that you are
able to look forward to something that WILL happen, instead of just hoping that it happens?

Take this offer seriously or you may miss your golden egg (I’m not kidding)

What if I told you that whatever you paid me, you would make it back… and then more.

Whatsmore, you could repeat the whole process after you finish the program, whether and make it work all over again.

Sure! that’s a big fat claim…But I’m making it.

In fact, I promise that by the end of the process, once you have completed the step within the 7 step program, you will have:

a) Made your money back

b) See your successful digital marketing campaign in action 

c) Reached a stage where your hope and vitality has been restored through seeing the ability to really achieve your hopes and dreams, not just for your business but also for your life.