Dreamer’s Garden e-book

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Fun and lively illustrations to accompany the dreamy world of thoughts and questions.

Short And Sweet 

Enjoy by yourself or with your child.

If you don’t have time to read to your child, this book is a great solution. With these short witty poems, your child can choose their favourite, to be read to them at bedtime.

Drift away with dreamy images to waft through your mind.

Written and illustrated by Eva Zonnios.



Breastfeeding Made Easy

This e-book is a very direct conversation of the good, the bad and the downright uncomfortable with breastfeeding.

It has been prepared to give new mothers a better understanding of how to pass the hurdles that may detract them from breastfeeding where, if they were better informed, they may have chosen to persevere and enjoy the benefits of giving this amazing gift to their newborn.


Breastfeeding booklet
To make this ebook available to women who need it, it is available for free.

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The Merchant And The Knight

There once was a merchant who sold many interesting trinkets of great value. The things that he sold were wildly unusual and of particular beauty. People would come from far and wide to buy these small intricate treasures from his market stall.

Once when asked from where he acquired such items the merchant replied, “The things I sell I simply happen upon in my world of dreams. From then on they are mine to own and to do with whatever I please.”

One day a passer by with a bad hunchback stopped upon the merchant. “Merchant,” he said, “I would like to buy every item that you have on your stall.”

The merchant was taken aback and set a price that was three times higher than they would normally cost. Still, the stranger agreed and paid the asked price and so the greedy merchant went home early. “What do I care? After all I can begin to fill my stall again from tonight when I go to sleep and within…

The Merchant and The Knight is now an additional short story featured in the ‘Dreamer’s Garden Family Poems ebook available at


Breast Feeding – The strength of the argument for it

The Argument For and Against

When it comes to breastfeeding, people are either for it or against it. Those for it usually understand the benefits associated with it, which is often why they made the decision to breastfeed in the first place. But, those that are against it would may necessarily be all of the non-breastfeeding category.

After all, if you were not breastfeeding because your couldn’t, you would not be ‘against’ breastfeeding. And, if it were because you simply didn’t want to, you would still not be ‘against’ it, you would just consider it your own choice. So the conclusion can only be that those who are against breast feeding feel pressured by the suggestion.

Unfortunately when the ‘against category’ are exposed to the strong evidence that suggests that breastfeeding is beneficial to both the mother and the baby, they are offended enough that they even refuse to listen to it.But it is important to listen to that evidence because, as a mother, you are making a choice that affects the health of your infant and this choice can have a life-long effect.

It Is Good For Both Mother And Baby

It is important to listen to the evidence that suggests that breast fed children have less incidence of SIDS and allergies, they also have less rates of gastrointestinal and respiratory illnesses requiring hospitalisation.

When you consider the amount of children that suffer from asthma and anaphylaxis in today’s young society you see that this evidence really is worth paying attention to. And for the mother, there has been long standing evidence to show that women who have breast-fed their babies have less incidence of ovarian and breast cancer. Breast-feeding is endorsed by the World Health Organisation*. No, not the Breast Feeding Organisation…The World Health Organisation, that’s a big call.

In a case such as this, where the evidence for breastfeeding is so strong, I feel that it is well-worth listening to.

It can be hard to get started but it’s the start that’s the hardest part. Once you get through the first couple of weeks, it all settles down. You have the advantage to be able to share your health with your child and in doing so, protect him or her until they are able to build up their own immunity, and beyond.


*Informaton source: Breastfeeding In Victoria: A Report


Air Travel With A Baby

Choose The Right Airline

Air travel with babies is not the easiest thing in the world. But here are some suggestions that can make a baby travel air trip a little easier for yourself, your baby and the other passengers.

A good start is to choose a family friendly airline. Some are simply much better than others when it comes to looking after parents travelling with children. My number one recommendation is Singapore Airlines, they are simply accommodating both in the air and – if you need further assistance, on the ground.

You can request assistance at the airport if you are travelling in difficult circumstances like one parent and a baby. In my experience they have assisted by carrying my bags for me and fast-tracking me through the airport procedures in order to help make the ordeal a little less difficult.

Baby Travel Feeding

These flights will also supply baby foods meals if your baby is at that stage, you just have to organise these things at the booking in desk with their official and it will be taken care of for you.

When you are flying with a very small baby the air pressure in the cabin can cause your baby to feel uncomfortable and that could mean an unpleasant flight for everyone. The best way to keep you baby’s ears clear is to give them regular short feeds. This means simply a one or two minute feed every twenty minutes or so.

Many family-friendly airlines also can provide a sleeping cot for your baby. This can be a great relief to a parent who is getting a little cramp in the arms after holding a restless baby for the last three hours.

Babies seem to sleep very comfortably in these cots which can hold up to 16 or 18 kgs of weight meaning that your 18 month old baby should be able to fit into it without any trouble. The good thing is the engine’s constant rhythmic sound can usually help your baby sleep better.

Give Your Baby Some Familiarity

Keeping a few familiar toys with you can calm your baby when they begin to feel restless in this unfamiliar environment. If you have a special musical toy or rattle with you (that wont disturb the other passengers too much – bearing in mind that a crying baby would disturb them more), this familiar sound could be all it takes to give you baby a sense of home.

Your voice can also add a great comfort to your baby whenever they feel perturbed by unfamiliar surroundings. So be prepared to sing some lullabys or tell a few versions of Jack and the Beanstalk in order to entertain your baby on the flight.

One final word. Traveling with a baby means not taking your eyes off them. Don’t let your baby out of your sight for half-a-second while traveling through the international airports.