Selling Online Learning Products

If you offer online programs, you need to find your customers online. One way that you can do this is by setting up a lead-capture system.


A lead-capture system can be specifically tailored to your market so that it is highly relevant to them. You do this by basically dangling a carrot in front of their nose (to use a metaphor).

If you have done your homework before starting your campaign, you will know exactly what it is that your target market needs.

Below I have listed some ideas that you could to get your audience to ‘bite’ and hand over their email address to you.

Remember that whatever you choose,  you really want it to be something that gets your audience excited and gives them that feeling of…

‘I Want One!’

Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at 9.08.31 PM.png

You could try any of the following ideas to get your audience hyped up…

  •      Learning guides specific to your audience’s topic
  •      An e-book outlining a methodology in a step by step format
  •      A checklist of preparation for being able to complete their learning tasks
  •      Free e-books or PDF’s containing some dynamic information (on topic)
  •      Videos where you introduce your upcoming product to your audience and they can see the benefit of what it offers to their learning experience
  •      An initial offer of what your online course covers by actually giving them Part One, which continues to the sale after they have experienced your product

There are a multitude of products and information that you can send online to encourage your lead to enter their email address.

The important thing is to make it closely related to the interests of your target market, that way the people that do respond will also very likely, have an interest in the final product that you want to promote to them in your offer when the time comes.

Here Ye! Here Ye!  Come and Sign-Up!

You should put your bait traps out far and wide on different platforms (Facebook ads, Google Ad-words, Twitter, Blog posts… etc.) to find the best place for you to get sign-ups.

Once you see what is working the best, drop the losers and focus your advertising dollars in the effective areas only.

Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at 7.11.13 AM.png

Getting sign-ups is the task at hand

Let’s say that you offer a valuable resource that they can download. At this point we will assume that the potential client has never heard of you before, so they are entirely cold leads.

As such, trying to sell them something on their very first interaction with you will have a low success rate, (more like zero success rate – sorry but it’s true). The important thing here is to work in stages so that you can build some kind of rapport between you and your potential client.

Become Friends

You really need to be able to communicate warmly with your customers – after all this is a genuine relationship between business owner and customer.

Building rapport during a sales process is nothing new in the offline sales world but most people forget that it is ‘essential’ in the online sales world.

People have to overcome their natural defences like the fact that they cannot see your face when you are talking to them so they have no indication of how genuine you are.

They may even just be in need of some cold hard facts to prove that you are a legitimate service provider.

To disperse some of these fears we have to work slowly, introducing ourselves to our new online customer with one little bit of information at a time.

Through continued contact alone, you can help disperse some of those fears.

Be present in their world

The simple fact that you didn’t disappear off the planet since their first encounter with you helps reassure them that you have some substance. It is vital for your customers to feel this when it finally gets to the selling process further down the line.

Also, providing your audience with genuine help and assistance plays a big part in growing that trust factor (so don’t misuse it).

The ultimate aim here is to find people that are looking for a solution to their problem area. Then, by showing them the option that you offer, they can find a way to solve that problem.

Being genuine in what you provide and showing consideration of the needs of your potential customers, shifts the focus of your process in being about you getting your sale, to the client getting their solution.

To help get this thought frame of – transition for the client – clear in your own mind, I have produced a product called the ‘Transformational Message’ and you can download it for free by requesting it from our contact page. CLICK HERE


Goal Setting

Goal-Setting is a serious matter, that is the sole reason why we set a goal in the first place. But it doesn’t even come near fruition if you don’t do it right.

Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at 2.25.36 pm


To ensure that you reach your target, you need to take it further than the regular goal-setting plan. This has depth behind it. It has a passion, a need and a purpose.

Purpose Is Greater Than The Goal

Your goal is important, but not as important as the reason that you have set your goal. There is a drive in knowing your purpose that does not reach the same target if you have no purpose driving you forward.

Being strong and resistant to set-backs comes from purpose, it is the point where you see the barrier in your way and you find yourself with two choices.

Choice a)
See if you can find somebody who can help you through the situation.

Choice b)
Look for a hammer and smash it to smithereens.

At first glance, it looks like both answers could give you the same result but that is not so. The person who has simply set a goal is likely to go with the first choice.

In their mind, they will be thinking. “I will still do it, I just need some help to find a way around the problem, then I will be on my way again.”

In reality, choice a) means,

“I will have to stop for now because I can see that there is a problem that I cannot cope with. Hopefully, I will find somebody who can break through that barrier for me and then I will be able to continue. If by chance do happen to find that person who can help me, I will be no worse for having waited, expect that time will play a part in my final result.


note on time2


So as we see, the commitment is easily broken with the ‘choice a)’ mind frame. Whereas the person who has set his goal in relation to their PURPOSE would go with ‘choice b’.

In reality, ‘choice b)’ means,

There is no waiting. No stopping. No excuses for not finding someone to help.

In ‘choice b)’, the responsibility is taken onto themselves. They don’t blame the circumstances, the world or the lack of resources around them.

Their sole intention is to let NOTHING stop them and that is because it is imperative to them that nothing does stop them from reaching their purpose.

Purpose is the only thing that they see

For the person who moves forward through ‘choice b)’, they have not stopped for long and they will very soon be on their way again. The only extra time used would be that of taking action so that they can continue to move forward.

Their purpose is always in their sights. Their timeline is not disrupted and they can expect (with a fair amount of certainty) that their purpose will be fulfilled.

What’s more, any people or colleagues that are involved in that purpose can also feel assured in knowing they will see results that will affect their part in the bigger plan.


This article was written by Eva Zonnios, Business Coach and

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Reviews please

OK, it does sound a bit lame but I do have good reason.

A Bear's Story CoverI am building my career in writing and everything I do is to get it up and running. If I don’t know how to do it, I buy courses to learn it. If I don’t have time, I make it, even if it is 2.00am in the morning. If I can’t do it, I find a way around it.

The only thing I cannot do for myself is to write the reviews. I am not saying that they have to be anything in particular, but you know the old Bambi movie line “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all”, that kind of applies. Obviously, I am hoping for positive reviews to help sales grow.

The upload to Amazon has taken a long time to work out, with dozens of trial and errors because uploading a picture book is completely different to uploading a regular book with text and occasional images.

Eventually, I have managed to get it done but it was a painstakingly slow procedure. I will be trying out the Kindle Children’s book uploader next time around.

Next Procedure – Reviews

I was under the impression that people had to download the book from Amazon before they write the review, but I have only recently realised that you can write a review no matter what platform you read it on.

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Vincent Van Gogh and The Seasons of His Life

Vincent Van Gogh’s passion in painting was so deeply entrenched in his being
that you could barely distinguish the art from the man.

More Than Passion

To call Vincent Van Gogh’s enthusiasm to paint a passion is far below the truth. This word passion does his story no justice. Instead, we might say that Vincent was consumed by his own art. It almost controlled him. Certainly, he himself had little control over his own life.

Born to a good family with respected parents who served their Dutch Reformed Church as pastor and wife. Vincent was one of six children. As the eldest son his father expected great things from him and, even as a young boy, Vincent also expected greater things from himself.

Proving Himself

These great things were achieved in his lifetime, but he would never see this within himself. Vincent Van Gogh felt as though he was a failure in his father’s eyes. Initially, Vincent wished to follow in his father’s footsteps and serve the church as a pastor.

With underlying personality disorders from a young person, Vincent was not respected in the same way his father was. Over the years Vincent’s life was always marred by the weakness of his uncontrollable moods and seizures. This made him unpopular with the local people who were not happy to follow him should he end up taking on priesthood. So he abandoned the idea of being a pastor and set his life’s dedication to becoming an artist.

He had hopes of redeeming himself to his father through his art and proving himself to be a success. This dream, unfortunately, ended abruptly when Theodorus, Vincent’s father, died suddenly from a stroke before Vincent was able to be seen as the great artist that he was.

He was accepted in the art world by his peers and was indeed friends with Claude Monet who helped him develop his artworks with brighter atmospheres than Vincent was used to using.

Vincent was troubled as a young man, never finding love and constantly being frowned upon for his overzealous behaviours and outbursts. He was a man who felt deeply, and in a way that was hard to express to others who evidently did not (and maybe could not), share the same depth of the love of nature that he felt.

This deep love for mankind and nature is the remnants of Vincent’s upbringing as the son of a pastor. He had been brought up knowing God. His father had seen the good within him and, in even his most trying times, his father would still have hope that Vincent would come good in his manhood years.

Brotherly Love

Aside from his father, Vincent Van Gogh had another important person in his life who was there for him whenever he needed, and that was his brother Theo. Theo had a strong financial background which he used to enable Vincent’s artistic lifestyle by caring for him financially. As well as this,

Theo was accessible in being there as an emotional rock for his brother in his good times and bad. Theo was very often the only person who Vincent could heartfully communicate his thoughts to and they were in regular communication via letters to each other.

This financial help from Theo was the element needed for Vincent to pursue his life a painter and to live a life where he was literally feeding his passion for his art.

Trouble in Life and Love

Nevertheless, it was clear from Vincent’s youth that he had troubled ways. These troubles even caused problems in his love life, initially choosing to pursue a relationship with his first cousin, a practice that his family wholeheartedly disapproved of. His advances were also rejected by his cousin herself. His quest in this relationship led to family rifts between his father and his aunt and uncle.

But his wild and unruly passions were not without cause. It appeared that Vincent Van Gogh suffered from a serious mental condition that was left untreated as was the case in those days as so little was understood about mental illness.

Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 11.47.07 AM

Signature piece for Vincent Van Gogh

The Madness Deepens

Unfortunately, as Vincent continued to live his life, his untreated condition gradually worsened to the point that there were times when he could comprehend very little indeed.

He ended up being sent to the asylum at Saint-Remy. His symptoms were many. Nightmares, absent-mindedness, insomnia, and anxiety, amongst others plagued him. With a list like this, it is easy to understand that he could not find a way to relax and be at peace within himself and in his mind.

When I tried to get him to talk about the motive that drove him
to cut off his ear, he replied that it was a purely personal matter.”

Félix Rey to Theo, 30 December 1888 – from The Van Gogh Museum text.


There are various reports to how it came about that Vincent Van Gogh cut off his ear. One report from the text of the Van Gogh Museum in Holland, suggests that he had a severe seizure. During this seizure, he cut off his ear. He was immediately rushed off to hospital and there he was diagnosed with acute mania and delirium. From reports of psychologists of modern day, it is suggested that he was possibly suffering from a severe type of epilepsy or bipolar disorder.

Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 11.52.20 AM

Félix Rey – Physician to Van Gogh at Saint Remy

Later in his life, these attacks were to become more frequent and they could last for weeks. Even as he came out of the seizures he would go through a stage of confusion and incoherence. The stress of these mental problems affected his physical health too and Vincent Van Gogh often had to endure painful stomach and digestive problems. All of these problems affected his sleeping so much so that the chances of him recovering to full health were always slim as his energy was so depleted. Unsurprisingly, there were also reports of depression amongst his many other ailments.

The reports of the death of Vincent Van Gogh are varied and unconfirmed with the most common being that he had shot himself. Some say (romantically) he died alone there in the field by his easel.Others say that after shooting himself – with the intention of killing himself – he managed to make his way back to the inn where he was staying. Here an effort was made to save the painter’s life, but after falling into a coma he passed away overnight.

A Gift Vincent Van Gogh Wanted To Share

Vincent Van Gogh is perhaps as famous for his insanity as he is for his art. But the question here is, would this exceptional artist have created such unique images with such passion without his ailments that caused him to throw himself so deeply into the work that he produced. His images aim for the senses to deliver to people on canvas what they may possibly be missing when they are seeing the same image in real life.
His goal was always to show the deep, deep feelings that he felt himself. His passion was in showing everybody else the wonders of the world as he did, whether it made sense to them or not.

Van Gogh and The Seasons Exhibition is on at
The National Gallery of Victoria from 28 APR 17 – 9 JUL 17
To find out more, go to:

Article by Eva Zonnios 

Creative/Information writer: Eva Zonnios At
Author Website:
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Flight Centre – Low level of service

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 11.10.01 pm

Large corporations make sure we follow their expectations. We have a right to expect them to follow the consumer’s expectations too….

Low Star Rating For Flight Centre  –  1.5 stars

I did say that every alternate week I am going to share a consumer gripe.


3 days late from holiday with no compensation from Flight Centre; they gave us no advice, help or assistance, even when we were unexpectedly stuck overnight in Dubai.

We had full travel insurance which meant nothing in the end, except that we paid so much for it. They did not step in, in anyway to compensate us, rather the opposite and played ball with us until we wore our trying to claim on our travel insurance.

Definitely, I will never use Flight Centre again. Hopeless. Pretty much sums it up. Just there to take the money. No after assistance and they do not respect the travel insurance that they sell.

This one involves a large travel agency, called Flight Centre.

Last year we took an International trip to Greece via Flight Centre. We felt that they were a large reputable business and that they would handle our travel arrangements professionally.

The Captain’s Premium Package

At the time they sold us a package called the Captain’s premium and told us that if we purchased this (expensive) package (priced per person) that we would be able to get a discount on our hotel room.

We were supposed to get a discount of $150 per person on our accommodation, but we found out (after the purchase) that they had a ‘limited’ list of hotels that we could use this product on. Unfortunately, none of our choices ended up being on their list.

That, unfortunately, was the smallest of the problems that we encountered with them.

We had bought our travel insurance through Flight Centre, this was their own product and was a full cover for a two-month trip. As it turned out our flight, was wrought with errors.

Prior to our return trip, Flight Centre had made the mistake of leaving me off the list for my flight back home with my family.

We spent the night prior to the flight home, in conversation with Flight Centre in trying to rectify the problem.

Our flight back to Australia was hindered by a series of unfortunate events, eventuating in us calling the insurance company, a product of Flight Centre, where they offered no assistance, just information on why there was no need to assist us in a situation where we were experiencing a three-day delay.

An initial delay in take off from our first flight caused us to miss our adjoining flight. This ended up having continuous repercussions, with each flight being out of sync and all passengers on the flight being delayed home by a total of three whole days.

Initially, we were stuck in Abu Dhabi overnight, and then had an additional overnight stay in Brisbane before getting our final flight home, only to find that our suitcases had been lost in transit. This luggage arrived on the second day after our return.

To be travelling for three days, without a change of clothes, was something we expected to get compensated for by the travel insurance. But when it came to it we called the travel insurance company from Abu Dhabi. Flight Centre’s insurance company said that we would not be entitled to any compensation. Even after writing endless emails with attachments of everything that they have asked for regarding our delayed flight, and delayed luggage they have not given us anything.

Since our return, even after writing endless emails with attachments of everything that they have asked for regarding our delayed flight,  and delayed luggage, they have not compensated us in any way.

The Bottom Line:

I have personally found Flight Centre in Australia to be unreliable and lack either professional or ethical standards. They are not interested in assisting their customers once they have got their money and my experience with their level of service is total incompetence.

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Perfect Campers Tactical Flashlight

Don’t ask me what is so intriguing about having a great flashlight, but somehow I feel that a reliable flashlight such as the AKAHO Flashlight, has the capability of being a real lifesaver.

Not Quite A Lightsaber

Lifesaber or not, you’ve got to admit that a super-powerful flashlight that has an endless supply of battery life and a variety of strength options is pretty cool. If I knew anyone who went camping, it would definitely be on the top of my gift list for them.


akaho LED Tactical super flashlightflashlight-2

LED Tactical Flashlight,Akaho 900 Lumen XML T6 Portable Outdoor Water Resistant Torch with Adjustable Focus and 5 Light Modes,Rechargeable 18650 Lithium Ion Battery and Charger

Buy Your Own

Get Your Own Flashlight Only: $21.99 USD

This particular item is called the AKAHO STRUCTURE ANALYSIS (must mean something else in another language!) Flashlight. The zoomable focal design can create incredible distances. These days having a flashlight in your car or handbag is a smart idea. This one even has an SOS signal code ready at the flick of a button.

This camper’s tactical flashlight includes some great benefits.

Imagine being caught out, just needing to get to your car in the night after work. This light is so bright that you would be able to view your surroundings before heading out into the dark. Incidentally, this is not a torch that you would shine into someone’s face because it is so bright. But in the case of an emergency, as an escape tactic, it would create a strong blinding light to a predator.

This power of this light is described as a Super Bright Professional Grade Tactical LED Flashlight, which really is as powerful as the description suggests. This is what you really need when you are out camping or hiking. Having a strong dependable light with you is essential for your own safety.

The kit that it comes with includes a Lithium Ion battery and battery charger. The whole thing is packed away in a strong durable case that also serves as a presentable gift box.

The fact that it is waterproof means that if you were on an outdoors excursion, you would not have to worry about the rain. Though I have not tried it myself, I have seen that by waterproof, they really do mean Waterproof, not just splashproof.

Super Flashlight Functionality

The 5 modes of lighting include different levels of strength of light, as well as Strobe and a setting as an SOS signal (let’s hope there’s still someone around who knows morse code!)

So there you have it, your perfect tactical flashlight for camping, hiking or even just for finding your pet in the night-time.

Great for gifts under $25 USD, maybe it should be on your Kris Kringle gift list from now…