Flight Centre – Low level of service

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Large corporations make sure we follow their expectations. We have a right to expect them to follow the consumer’s expectations too….

Low Star Rating For Flight Centre  –  1.5 stars

I did say that every alternate week I am going to share a consumer gripe.


3 days late from holiday with no compensation from Flight Centre; they gave us no advice, help or assistance, even when we were unexpectedly stuck overnight in Dubai.

We had full travel insurance which meant nothing in the end, except that we paid so much for it. They did not step in, in anyway to compensate us, rather the opposite and played ball with us until we wore our trying to claim on our travel insurance.

Definitely, I will never use Flight Centre again. Hopeless. Pretty much sums it up. Just there to take the money. No after assistance and they do not respect the travel insurance that they sell.

This one involves a large travel agency, called Flight Centre.

Last year we took an International trip to Greece via Flight Centre. We felt that they were a large reputable business and that they would handle our travel arrangements professionally.

The Captain’s Premium Package

At the time they sold us a package called the Captain’s premium and told us that if we purchased this (expensive) package (priced per person) that we would be able to get a discount on our hotel room.

We were supposed to get a discount of $150 per person on our accommodation, but we found out (after the purchase) that they had a ‘limited’ list of hotels that we could use this product on. Unfortunately, none of our choices ended up being on their list.

That, unfortunately, was the smallest of the problems that we encountered with them.

We had bought our travel insurance through Flight Centre, this was their own product and was a full cover for a two-month trip. As it turned out our flight, was wrought with errors.

Prior to our return trip, Flight Centre had made the mistake of leaving me off the list for my flight back home with my family.

We spent the night prior to the flight home, in conversation with Flight Centre in trying to rectify the problem.

Our flight back to Australia was hindered by a series of unfortunate events, eventuating in us calling the insurance company, a product of Flight Centre, where they offered no assistance, just information on why there was no need to assist us in a situation where we were experiencing a three-day delay.

An initial delay in take off from our first flight caused us to miss our adjoining flight. This ended up having continuous repercussions, with each flight being out of sync and all passengers on the flight being delayed home by a total of three whole days.

Initially, we were stuck in Abu Dhabi overnight, and then had an additional overnight stay in Brisbane before getting our final flight home, only to find that our suitcases had been lost in transit. This luggage arrived on the second day after our return.

To be travelling for three days, without a change of clothes, was something we expected to get compensated for by the travel insurance. But when it came to it we called the travel insurance company from Abu Dhabi. Flight Centre’s insurance company said that we would not be entitled to any compensation. Even after writing endless emails with attachments of everything that they have asked for regarding our delayed flight, and delayed luggage they have not given us anything.

Since our return, even after writing endless emails with attachments of everything that they have asked for regarding our delayed flight,  and delayed luggage, they have not compensated us in any way.

The Bottom Line:

I have personally found Flight Centre in Australia to be unreliable and lack either professional or ethical standards. They are not interested in assisting their customers once they have got their money and my experience with their level of service is total incompetence.